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Tour of Thailand 2022

Tour of Thailand 2022

Cyrus Monk took 3rd place at Tour of Thailand 2022 stage 2

Today's stage was over 180km included 2 KOM and 2 IS. In the begin of the race pace still high and break away got caught before 1st KOM. Cyrus Monk & Māris Bogdanovičs managed into 30 man break away group and rode solid pace.

Cyrus Monk took 3rd place from 30 men bunch sprint and Māris Bogdanovičs managed to 12th place of the stage while 陳建良, Sam Volkers and Hunter McGovern finished in the peloton.

Cyrus Monk now in 3rd GC and Māris Bogdanovičs in 10th GC after stage 2. Boys rode well all day and make happy result in the end. Tomorrow will be fast stage again.

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